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MRV360 - receiving kartica

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Nova M3 MRV360 is one model of Nova receiving card. It has the interface of MOM(Memory On Module).

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Resolution :256 x 226

RGB Data Output :20 groups

Monitoring Card Applicable :Supported

Support Memory on Module :Supported

HUB75 Interface :-

Certification :RoHS、CE(Class A)

1) Single card outputs 16-group of RGBR 'data; 
2) Single card outputs 20-group of RGB data; 
3) Single card outputs 64-group of serial data; 
4) Supporting MOM management, MOM can store calibration coefficient and the LED module information;
5) Single card supports resolution of  256x226;
6) Configuration file readback; 
7) Temperature monitoring; 
8) Ethernet cable communication status detection; 
9) Power supply voltage detection; 
10) Support high gray scale and high refresh rate;
11) Pixel-by-pixel brightness and chromaticity calibration, Brightness and chromaticity calibration coefficients for each LED; 
12) Pre-store picture setting; 
13) Able to connect monitoring card;
14) Comply with EU RoHs standard; 
15) Comply with EU CE-EMC standard. 

Controllers, sending and receiving cards, LED diode

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